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Welcome to Wisdom Oak Winery

Vineyard Info

We currently have two production vineyards that are just a few miles away from each other. This helps keep quality high and gives us the peace of mind that we will have access to the varietals that we enjoy working with in the winery.

Wisdom Oak Winery Location:  This is the oldest vineyard and is located at the winery location in North Garden.  This vineyard totals 6 acres under vine and includes a small block of vines that were planted in 2001. Since our ownership of the property, we have planted new blocks every year since 2015.  The WOW vineyard is comprised of these varieties:

Cabernet Sauvignon - 1.5 acres

Cabernet Franc - 2 acres

Petit Manseng - 1 acre

Merlot - 1 acre

Chardonnay 1 acre


Bundoran Farm Location: Bundoran Farm is a 2,300 acre farm located in North Garden, just 3 miles from the winery as the crow flies. This vineyard is directly adjacent to Pippin Hill Farm & Vineyards. The "Lavallee Vineyard" was planted in spring of 2019 and currently has 14 acres under vine as of 2020 with plans to expand in the future. The Lavallee Vineyard is comprised of these varities planted in a high density format:

Merlot - 3 acres

Petit Verdot - 2 acres

Cabernet Franc - 3 acres

Teroldego - 1 acre

Petit Manseng - 3 acres

Chardonnay - 1 acre

Albarino - 1 acre

Sauvignon Blanc - 1 acre

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